Real dimensions for Planning and Design
3D, GIS, BIM, BI Technology Services for Planning & Development
HABITAT with a Vision
Vision for Sustainable HABITAT
Habitat with Conservation
Conserve palces of historic and sigature values
World of Cities - growing natural, logical..
Cities grow at a pace and morphology, provide diverse growth opportunities
Planning and Development
...integral parts of Smart Growth
Past values for present
Generations of creativity and heritage in Cities


BartiNet serves progressive cities, neighborhoods and businesses for better Habitats and communities. We are a professionally managed organization specialized in Urban and Regional projects. We offer effective and quality services to our customers.

BartiNet is a partner and enabler for Habitat systems and processes to build world class enterprise capacities. We provide Application Solutions for Corporate customers. We focus on improvement of internal efficiencies for higher performance standards. Skill development of our customers is an important area. Our training and Support above the technology trends, improve competitive advantages.

Provide Leadership and Services for Visionary PLANNING, Effective DEVELOPMENT, Efficient MANAGEMENT and Sustainable Urban & Regional development.
Be Industry leader on Sustainable Habitat for citizens to live, work, learn, play and prosper.
Visionary Planning

A city or an organization starts with a vision – that is mostly beyond its given conditions or limitations. The City need a vision that helps to organize and create sustainable development or growth as it pass through different stages of changes and evolution. BartiNet help clients to define and embrace sustainable visionary goals.

Sustainable Business Park Systems

A customized Business Park planning, development, Audit and Management system to create Sustainable Business Parks and success stories shared by all member units. All stages of park development including plans, designs, development, installation and management are covered under the Sustainable Park System.

The system use integrated approach to convert benefits of the sustainable development to member units in the parks.



SatNav Logistics system

The dedicated and custom solution available for all kind of logistics market. Commercial truck, passenger fleet management solution with worldwide street data support and collaboration with TeleNav data services. SatTrac system to monitor fleet data.


Sustainable Educational City

Integrated Educational City in India adopts Sustainable Standards for City planning, Development and Management. The City adopts sustainability standards, audit systems and management methods for lifecycle of City development.

Effective Development

Development with tangible and sustainable results is important for resource hungry projects across cities/regions. BartiNet help clients to design and develop programs that produces effective and measurable development.

Efficient Management

The development and growth programs requires functional and operational efficiency to meet the ever-changing customer profiles and thier expectations. Client organizations equiped with tools and techniques that bind visionary goals and efficient management capabilities.

CMM-H Standards – for Sustainable, Repeatable HABITAT Success

CMMH_V1Cities grew on traditional resource base, business, economic models, with plans and technology lagging behind when compared to other practices. The parameters of traditional growth and technology base is rapidly changing and evolving.

Implement CMM-H Standadard for repeatable new generation, proven, error-free, growth models. The Sustainability Success Models helps to multiply the Sustainability success across neighborhood and cities.


  1. Professional Service to Cities & Regions based on principles of “Visionary Planning, Effective Development and Efficient Management for Sustainable HABITAT”.
  2. Promote Sustainable HABITAT practices for client organizations
  3. Create model facilities and developments that illustrates BartiNet’s Habitat vision.

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