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BartiNet - Industry Dimensions and Profile


BartiNet is a partner and enabler for Habitat systems and processes that helps customers build their world class enterprise capacities.

We provide Planning and Engineering Solutions for Government and Corporate customers. We focus on improvement of customers internal efficiencies for higher performance standards. The installed facilities and projects require efficienct management systems after Planning and Egineering installation for SUSTAINABLE future growth. 


The development and growth programs requires functional and operational efficiency to meet the ever-changing customer profiles and thier expectations. Client organizations equipe with tools and techniques that bind visionary goals and efficient management capabilities.

Development with tangible and sustainable results is important for resource hungry projects across cities/regions. BartiNet help clients to design and develop programs that produces effective and measurable development. The private sector business are adopting the Sustainable Business models to produce consistant results.


The solutions industry have large pool of unique, proven and effective solutions that can be adapted to different DEVELOPMENT sectors.

BartiNet partner with leading and unique software houses to serve the HABITAT Indutsries for planning, growth and management. 

We have extensive resources for for Business Intelligence, CAD, 3D modelling, GIS. Database, collaboration, Fleet automation, mobile operations portal, content management. 


The BartiNet provide consulting services to help Cities develop thier internal capacities, process improvements and competiveness. The Sustainable CMM-H based development frameworks help the Cities to evolve more resilient and successful. 

We tailor training for user organization combining all requisite products to process challenges instead of single product line.


Review of Cities and future  prospects

Systems, Processes, Management and Services for NEXT GENERATION CITIES.

In the past, the industry sectors created several version of thier products and services, creating historic advancements for the consumers. But, the basic assumptions of URBAN planning, development, operations and management remained the same. This stangnant URBAN frameworks do not support direct implementation of some advacnements. These conditions are pushing polcieis for new SMART CITIES creation on new sites. The existing cities would lag behind to adapt better processes, operations and mamagement. The existing cities needs long-term planning and design cheanges to take advantages of the advancements in other industry sectors through SMART URBAN RENEWAL process.


CMMH for
Sustainable Habitat

Capability-Maturity-Model for Habitat (CMM-H) is a universal standard for perfecting your Habitat Planning, Design, Development, Operation and Management PROCESS.
Take your Habitat practices from best practices to Mature Models that other partners can implement under your leadership.


The industry leading BI solutions have been serving businesses to derive key indicators to help bottom line and market trends.
The Habitat BI focus on the BI of the BIs used by the business and other operations inside the Habitat region. The growth rates of Asian, Europe and North America have some of the high concentrations of growth and larger Urban centers in the world.


The possibilities and evolution of Habitat components from a isolated data silos to  inter-connected eco-system is the core of the Smart Cities.
The ICT systems used for facilities, people, usage, businesses had its features and performance information hidden from the larger Habitat data in Cities.

UNCHS - 2016


HABITAT III Conference, Quito, Equador, October 2016, UNCHS. Visit HABITAT III for more details.
There are pre-conference thematic and regional meetings have both an international scope, although the regional meetings may identify and address the topics based on regional considerations and prioritize regional and geographical participation.


Setting Urban standards and leading the NextGeneration is important as tradition and culture. Traditional signatures and indetities for regional City vision.
There are many cities now adopting this signature 'trendy' cities concept to promote more tourism, traffic into the cities with unique places and real estate developments.

Plans and Designs for
Sustainable HABITAT

Design with Nature -  TRELLIS Plans and Designs from BartiNet for Sustainable Habitat. Unique  "Nature-Inclusive Plans and Designs" (@Copy Right BartiNet, 2016). with buit-in Water and Energy Sustainability Systems.
Non-renewable Water not wated and get Energy, with TRELLIS systems. The water and energy cycles of Habitat up for a paradigm change for its RealEstate and Energy capacity.

Trivandrum City, Kerala State, India

Medical College, Trivandrum, India

Barathi Mall, Medical College PO, Trivandrum, Kerala State,
INDIA 695011.

Email: Contact@BartiNet.com
Telephone : 91-471-6459260


Raise awareness on Habitat Planning, Operation, Systems and Management issues for your Cities.